Top Notch Partners

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TopNotch Services

  • Int’l Procurement Office(IPO) Service

IPO Services for the PCB industryOur business objective is to provide a trusted, value-added, efficient service to those who need to establish a sourcing or procurement office in Greater China. We can guide you through this mine-field and lead you to reach your objectives.

Your objective is to source quality, low cost PCBs to satisfy your customers’ needs, in a low risk and efficient manner. TopNotch’s staff are industry professionals who can provide all the essential services of an IPO:

  • Research and pre-audit PCB manufacturers
  • Supplier Relationship management
  • RFQ and quote reviews
  • Sales order tracking
  • Logistics
  • Pre-shipment quality inspection
  • Problem resolution

  • Sourcing and Business Consulting

IPO Services for the PCB industryTopNotch provides our clients' strategic advice on choosing the right business partners in Greater China. Should it be buying PCBs, arranging a merger, or facilitating an acquisition, as a trusted friend on your side we'll help you navigate this strange, complex business culture.

In a land of more than 2,000 PCB manufacturers and a huge cultural gap, where local suppliers are all too eager to over-promise on their capabilities and ready to apologize for their under delivery, can you afford to build your products the “hit or miss” way? Do you have enough time to do your own research in order to find the right partner? However you choose, your customers will always trust you to be the expert and will hold you responsible.

“Make friends first and business later”

With our exceptional local market knowledge, TopNotch is in the unique position to guide you. Based on your specific requirement of technology, volume, delivery, and cultural fit, we can design a specific program and will screen out a list of potential suppliers for you to audit. In your guided tour, you will meet with business owner or top management to share your business philosophy and objective.

  • Business Process Outsourcing

IPO Services for the PCB industryYou can offload those time consuming, mundane business operations such as RFQ/order tracking, quote review, logistics or pre-shipment quality inspections.

As a value-added service provider, TopNotch is in the position to take on back office duties on an as-needed basis. With our experience staff and access to an abundant pool of PCB talent, much of your labor intensive back office functions can be fulfilled quickly at fraction of your regular cost.